Welcome to Econs

We are a dedicated group of researchers with a mission to help policymakers of Bangladesh with rigorous evidence to make smart and effective policies. We call ourselves boutique research as we take a handful of studies that we believe in and work closely with principal investigators to design customized research services based on the uniqueness of the research and subject population. We are committed to delivering policy-driven research and evidence and therefore selective in choosing research projects that we do. We are different from the other research organizations in the following ways:

a) Because of our commitment to conduct policy-driven research, we engage relevant policymakers from the beginning of each project, provided that principal investigators approve of our policy engagement plan. We do not charge for our policy engagement time. Policy engagement services include setting up meetings with relevant policymakers and presenting the research to them with the hope of their commitment to support the project.  

b) The researchers that we work with become an integral part of our office. We plan each activity of the research pending the approval of principal investigators. At the same time, we expect that principal investigators will listen to our ideas and solutions with equal emphasis. We do not see our contract as a financial one, rather a partnership for science and policy. 

c) Given a budget cap, we offer multiple options to the research design and fieldwork so that the researchers choose the most suitable option.

d) We are also committed to delivering transparent, replicable, and reproducible research. Upon request, we share our standard research protocol, data quality management protocol, sample codes with the researchers before signing contracts. 

e) We are familiar with researchers, frustration with hidden costs charged to their projects, and difficulties to replicate each step of their research. We have a solution for both. Our researchers have full access to their respective project financials. We offer a blend of technological solutions to replicate our data collection from the beginning to the end.