Our journey started in 2008 with the implementation of a large-scale Randomized Controlled Trial aiming to explore cost-effective solutions to the problem of seasonal poverty in Northern Bangladesh. In collaboration with the University of Sydney and Yale University, we implemented a 4-arm RCT that was eventually published in the prestigious ‘Econometrica’. The success of this first project hallmarks our auspicious beginning. Currently, we are working with several government ministries and a group of principal investigators from Australia, Germany, and the USA.

Over the years, we developed a corps of 400+ highly-trained data collectors and 26 homegrown research and data personnel to carry out world-class research that relies on primary data collection using a strict protocol. Our data collectors are spread all over the country giving us a critical cost advantage in conducting data collection from all over the country. Our data collectors’ familiarity with local dialects and culture and acquaintances with local administration gives us a critical cost and quality advantage. Our data collection protocol follows the minimum quality checks standard promulgated by the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL ) of MIT.